Sepia is on a break. Below you can see memories from the past. Check out the video page!! Life is a Flod.

Flod studio session


Sepia at Tampere Biennale



Sepia is honored to be a part of the prominent programme of the Tampere Biennale festival. On Friday 11 April awaits an interesting show at Telakka cultural center, when Sepia and Ice Loving Animals enter the stage. According to the Biennale's own prognosis one might expect a mishmash of "Folk pop, progressive rock and all that jazz". Below a brief quote from Tampere Biennale's programme presentation:

"The wonderfully expressive voice of Victoria Lindqvist and Lauri Schreck’s mastery of the guitar form the core of Sepia, a combo that blends folk music with pop and progressive rock. Ice Loving Animals, on the other hand, is a soul food combo that serves up imagined dances from the Balkans, some sort of jazz and very curious progressive rock."


What a nice gig at Vuotalo!


It was so great to play at Vuotalo. Thanks everybody!  River.jpg

Sepia started the fall with playing at Malmitalo in Helsinki


What an warm and energetic evening we had at Malmitalo on tuesday. Thank you all who came! Here's some pictures from the gig.









Sepia in Helsinki at Etnoespa


What a nice concert we had. Thank you!




Sepia is heading to Sweden

20 Apr 2013

Sepia is taking a trip to Stockholm in the middle of May to meet up with both old and new friends. We´ve been establishing co-operation with new awesome Swedish partners! There's going to be some exciting stuff happening in the Swedish live music scene during next autumn, and we are really excited to get more familiar with the Swedish audience! Dear readers, please keep yourselves up to date with this webpage.

Greetings from Toronto!

1 Mar 2013

Sepia has just returned home from Toronto and a superb International Folk Alliance conerence. When we arrived, we found ourselves a bit flabbergasted and surrounded by a whole new community - almost like a big family. By the end of the week we had managed to find new friends from the big bunch of agents, tour managers and artists from the other side of the Atlantic.

Sepia had five showcases during the festival, both official and private. As the only Finnish act on the roster, we got a whole bunch of positive contacts and a wholeheartedly warm welcoming. We also managed to listen to an incredible amount of good music. A couple of acts worth mentioning would be Gangsta Grass (with whom Riku and Lauri jammed in their hotel room, showing how we slap acoustic guitar here in Finland) and the adorable singer-songwriter Laura Cortese (with her equally adorable friends Mariel Vandersteel and Valerie Thompson).

Folk Alliance is an international organization which brings together musicians and other music professionals with an interest in folk and traditional music (though in a very broad sense). The co-founder and executive director of Folk Alliance International, Louis Meyers, was previously also one of the key figures of the showcase festival SXSW in Austin, Texas. Since it's founding, the FAI conference has grown to include over 2000 participants representing both artists, venues, radio stations and so on. We're really excited to be a part of this community!

Get a taste of our latest studio demo sessions, hope you enjoy!

21 Feb 2013


Sepia showcases at Folk Alliance Conference

19 Feb 2013


Sepia plays as an official showcase artist at the 25th Folk Alliance Conference in Toronto, at the Delta Chelsea Hotel. 

Sepia's official showcase gig takes place on Friday the 23rd at 10:00 p.m. in the Stevenson Room at the Showcase alley! 

In addition to Friday's highlight, there will be several other opportunities to see Sepia's performance. Sepia plays two acoustic showcases on Wednesday, at 8:00 p.m. in Access Film Music Red room # 1059 and 00:50 a.m. at the First Timer's room # 1266

If you missed the Friday's official showcase in Stevenson room, you will be able to experience Sepia amplified at the Monarch's Pub on Saturday at 11:00 p.m.


Buy Sepia's debut album FLOD now!A_SepiaPromo2-omslagsbilden.jpg

Click the image to order the highly praised Sepia's album FLOD directly from Y7-Productions. 

Y7-Productions present at MIDEM 2013 in January.

31 Jan 2013 

Lauri Schreck

Sepia and Y7–Productions was present at the Midem conference in Cannes, France, during 26 – 28 of January. The stay was amazing and Lauri got a private showcase. The Finnish tabloid Iltasanomat even wrote about our adventures in Cannes. Pretty cool for first timers! Well, really good contacts were made and we aquired an interesting insight on the music business of today. Thank you Cannes, thank you France!




Sepia performs at Folk Alliance, Toronto (CA) in February

2 Jan 2013


We are happy to announce that Sepia is confirmed as an official showcase artist at the 25th Folk Alliance Conference, held in Toronto, Canada!

The show takes place Friday 22 Feb 2013 at 10:00 pm in the Stevenson Room, Delta Chelsea Hotel, hosting the conference, gathering 2 000 music professionals and industry representatives. In addition to the official showcase concert, Sepia will perform with both acoustic and non-acoustic private showcases during the festival. More information coming up soon.

If you want to meet us during the FA conference, just let us know!


Sepia ist ein Berliner!

6 Dec 2012


On Tuesday we had the great opportunity to perform in the pulsing city of Berlin, Germany. Sepia made a concert for a packed b-flat club in the Mitte district in the city center. It all surpassed our expectations; just imagine a crowd screaming "We love you", even if the audience don't understand a word of the swedish lyrics. The Michelberger Hotel with the (should be rated as) five star Nano Falafel place in the same block, offered just inspiring conditions for jamming and developing a little new stuff :). Thus a few songs had premier in Berlin! Expectations on the next album might now officially be released.

Great thanks to the Finnish Institute in Berlin for inviting us and making our visit possible.



Sepia goes theater



Again it's time for Sepia to take over the stage. On Monday 12 Nov 2012 Sepia performs at Espoo theater Elävän laulun klubi (eng: Living song club). The concert is held at the Revontuli hall, tickets 15 € from the theater's ticket service Tel. (09) 4393 388 (Mon-Fri 11am-5pm) or Lippupiste. Let yourself get hypnotized by Sepia's intensive presense in a relaxed environment!


Sepia opens Music & Talent show industry event in Vaasa 21 september 2012


Sepia was invited to open this years Musik & Talang (Music & Talent) event in Vaasa, after drawing great attention at a showcase gig at the same event last year. Now it's time to go back to Ostrobotnia. We hope that Vaasa offers a great visit this year again!

Sepia performs at the opening of the conference on Friday 21 September at 1 pm.

The return of Sepia

1 Sep 2012

Sepia is back in business with a whole lot of interesting things ahead. The fall ahead promises some international, some domestic. Sepia will perform at nice places with nice faces around the metropole area of Helsinki; Piritta Club, The National Theater's Music Club Lavaklubi and as a part of Espoo City Theater live music programme. In December we'll travel to Germany for some show. Also, there are interesting invitations coming in. One is promising something about folk, festival and overseas.... Stay tuned for more, and don't forget to keep an eye on the concert list!

Sold out gig at Hanko Theater Festival!

9 Jun 2012

Hanko is supposed to be the most sunny town of Finland. Well, this year it was pretty cold and rainy around the town, but the atmosphere at the festival was scorching!

Every year Finnish-Swedish culture people come together for four days packed with the most sensational plays and performing art projects throught the year, and we were honored to play the role as the festival music stars. Despite that the venue, Grönan, was packed to the roof, we had an intimate connection with the audience and a wonderful time. Thank you beautiful people! Below's a couple of pictures from the gig.

This was probably the last concert for the spring, and exclusively the only festival concert for this summer. Next time Sepia probably performs with an even bigger family, but Victoria (Sepia's vocalist) with a tinyer belly. However, there will be action during the next fall, so stay tuned...



TMW greetings!

1 Apr 2012

31032012896.jpgTallinn couldn't have welcomed us better. The arrangements that really made us feel like distinguished guests, the staff that was always around happy and helpful, the industry people and artists swarming around searching for nice catches, and most of all — the audience that made Sepia's concerts STEAM! We had the opportunity to perform for a PACKED conference hotel suite during the day (picture is from the soundcheck), and the atmosphere at the evening's gig at Kodu Baar was hypnotic. Also, we had a few fruitful meetings, that might bring us to some interesting corners of the world. More of this coming up later... All in all, thank you Tallinn!



Sepia at Tallinn Music Week!

22 Feb 2012


Today is the release of artists performing at the international showcase festival Tallinn Music Week 2012. This is the fourth edition of the TMW, which will be held on 29 - 30 March in Tallinn. Sepia performs with two showcase gigs during TMW. On Saturday at 3.50 pm Sepia performs at Nordic Hotel Forum, and a longer showcase concert 11.15 pm at Kodu Baar. TMW is a meeting place for international music industry stakeholders and a music festival, which gathers around 120 artists. In addition to the concerts, you can meet Sepia on the TMW conference during Friday and Saturday. See you!


Sepia performing at Haavisto Folk 2/2/2012

27 Jan 2012

Sepia performs at Haavisto Folk 2012. The concert will be arranged in favor of president candidate Pekka Haavisto and is held at Korjaamo in Helsinki 2 February. The revenues of sold tickets will be transfered to support Pekka Haavistos presidential campaign. Tickets: Tiketti or Lippupiste. Take a look at the complete list of performing artists on Haavisto Folk on the event's Facebook pages! Pekka Haavisto and Antonio Flores will also participate in the concert!


Video: Sepia concert at Helsinki Music Centre!

15 Jan 2012

Sepia performed for a full audience at Helsinki Music Centre 15 December. The concert was recorded and broadcasted by Siba TV. Watch the full concert video on SibaTV pages!


Buy the CD now and get it on time for X-mas!

21 December 2011

You can order Sepia's album FLOD via the website by filling in the form. The cd will be mailed to you the same day with the invoice attached, and with a domestic postal address you will most probably get it on time for Christmas holidays!


Sepia's album FLOD was praised by Helsingin Sanomat

HS / 21 December 2011



Sepia concert at Helsinki Music Center 15 December

14 December 2011

The Sepia concert at Helsinki Music Center (Blackbox) 15 December 2011 at 19:00 is the highlight for Sepia FLOD TOUR. You can buy tickets at Lippupiste (15/10/5 € + service fee). Welcome!


New Sepia video out now: Stor (from FLOD TOUR 2011)

8 December 2011


Welcome to Sepia's new website!

7 December 2011

Sepia official website has finally been launched on the address www.sepia.fi. The website will be continuously updated, and here you can already follow news about Sepia and upcoming concerts, and get to know more about Sepia with Bio, Video and Photo. The Concert calendar function and the Buy-feature will be updated during the following days. You can also follow Sepia on Facebook www.facebook.com/sepiaensemble and YouTube www.youtube.com/sepiaensemble. If you have comments or questions, do not hesitate to take contact us!