"FLOD approaches perfection." - SOUNDI

“Lindqvist is an energetic voice artist." - HUVUDSTADSBLADET

"Most striking is the talent. Lindqvist has a brilliant, pliable and clear voice, and she really knows how to tell stories. Schreck again is an exceptionally talented guitarist.” - HELSINGIN SANOMAT

Sepia (FIN) has since the release of its debut album FLOD been highly acclaimed by Finnish main media. The indie folk  duo has captured many with its elaborate guitar playing, evocative folk pop sounds and Victoria Lindqvist's unique live presence with a strong, colorful voice, which has been compared with Björk and Eva Dahlgren as well as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.

Sepia has gained a reputation in the Finnish folk scene as modern, energetic and innovative, with concerts in Helsinki and countrywide. The FLOD tour in 2011 culminated in a sold out concert at the Helsinki Music Centre. This was followed by international attention at e.g. Tallinn Music Week, MIDEM and with a sold out concert in Berlin. Sepia also performed as an official showcase artist at the international Folk Alliance Conference in Toronto, Canada in 2013.

This year Sepia has continued with developing its live touring in Finland and will continue with touring internationally, including concerts in the Nordic countries, and in Germany. Sepia plans on releasing FLOD internationally, beginning with Sweden, Norway and GSA-area.

Sepia's story started when the two musicians, quite different from each other to their backgrounds and tastes, came together to do music. The duo started jamming on an artist that shared a special position in their hearts, Joni Mitchell. Victoria and Lauri continued to explore common ground in Finland-Swedish folklore and folk songs. Eventually the jamming evolved to a sensitive artistic cooperation and a creative process leading to the beginning of Sepia.

Sepia is a project that resonates deeply with both Lauri and Victoria, on personal as well as professional levels. For Lauri, the long-standing collaboration with his friend Victoria is the salt of his musical life, reflecting personal values as well as musical ones. Their sensitive acoustic sound showcases a side of Lauri that rock-focused projects might otherwise mask, and serves as a conduit for exploring the immense potential of his first musical love: the guitar. Victoria on the other hand has always been passionate about teaching. Through music pedagogy she inspires others to break boundaries and norms and to get deeper understandings of themselves and others. For her Sepia is a personal adventure constantly pursuing  a more emancipated and cross-boundary expression.

Victoria started singing and playing long before walking and talking, and along the way she has been seen in key roles in child operas and musicals as well as touring with the most established Finnish artists. She has also thrown herself into independent art projects she has believed were important. As a teacher she has worked with infants, kids, teenagers, adults, you name it. She has been a singing and improvisation teacher at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki and taught rhythmics at the Sibelius-Academy. Currently she is engaged in choir conducting and arranging music camps, as a platform for developing ways to apply anti-oppressive pedagogy into music education.

Lauri became a permanent member of the Helsinki rock music scene after he organized and performed the first ever stage interpretation of the rock opera ‘Joe's Garage’ by Frank Zappa in cooperation with Gail Zappa. Full performance rights are rarely given to any Zappa opera, with Gail commenting: "Lauri was very persistent and his idea was pretty cool!" The event was sold out and widely publicized in the Finnish media, with Lauri receiving particular praise for his lead vocal performance. The rebellious story at the heart of ‘Joe's Garage’, and its massively complex musical landscape had always inspired Lauri, and getting the chance to play it live with the support of a full-scale production, was a musical dream come true. This was only to be the start of Lauri's career as a talented multi-instrumentalist as he had always wanted to record and perform original music. In 2008 Lauri started two rock bands, LSB and Puhuri with which he continues working with despite the fact that Sepia has taken an ever bigger role in Lauri’s life.

Sepia is Victoria Lindqvist (vocals) and Lauri Schreck (guitars, vocals). On stage Sepia often performs with multi-instrumentalist Riku Kantola (guitar, accordion, melodica, vocals). Sound technician is Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt.